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At Bristol Hearing Aids, LLC, we are committed to helping our patients hear better. That means we do more than just sell hearing aids. We’d like to be your hearing healthcare professionals for years to come. From our free evaluations and demonstration of the latest hearing technology, our ongoing hearing aid maintenance, we make every part of treating your hearing loss as simple and painless as possible.

Hearing Instruments Bristol, CT

Hearing Aid Repairs & Services Bristol, CT

Free Comprehensive Hearing Evaluation: There is no cost to have your hearing tested. We’ll evaluate your hearing loss and determine whether you are a candidate for hearing aids.

Free Video Otoscopic Examination: Using a device called an otoscope, we’ll examine your ears to see if you have earwax or any other issues that would need to be addressed by the appropriate medical professional.

Hearing Aid Sales and Service: As an independent hearing aid distributor, we carry hearing aids from all of the major brands. We’ll recommend hearing aids to you based on your hearing loss and your lifestyle. We can also adjust your hearing aids and program them to match your specific needs.

Free Trial of Hearing Aids: If you aren’t sure whether hearing aids are right for you, we’ll let you take a pair home for a couple of weeks so you can see what they’re like in your everyday life, around the voices you usually hear. This will give you a good idea what you can expect from your own hearing aids.

Custom Earmolds and Fittings: Protecting your hearing will help you avoid future hearing loss. If you tend to spend time around loud noises, such as hunting, live music, or construction sites, we can take custom earmolds to fit you with custom earplugs and other protective devices.

Hearing Aid Batteries: We carry batteries for hearing aids of all styles. If you purchase a service package from us, often hearing aids are included in that package.

Hearing Aid Repairs: We are able to offer some hearing aid repairs ourselves in-office. If your hearing aids do need to be sent to the manufacturer for repair work, we will expedite the process, and we keep loaner hearing aids around just in case.

Medicaid is Welcome: We are one of the few providers in the Bristol, CT, area that accepts Medicaid.

Free Hearing Healthcare for Veterans

We believe in supporting our veterans. That means that if you get hearing aids from the VA, you can bring those hearing aids to our office and we’ll program them with the same care we give all our patients.

Hearing Healthcare for Veterans

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